Stellar Whispers

Cosmo Moonstone Necklace

€125,00 EUR

Cosmo Necklace: Celestial Elegance and Cosmic Connection

Experience the celestial allure of our Cosmo Necklace, crafted from the same enchanting moonstone as our beloved Moonstone Bubble Necklace. With a length of 70 cm and a distinctive shape, this necklace embodies a unique elegance that transcends time.

Imbued with the same mystical properties as its counterpart, the Cosmo Necklace serves as a luminous link to the depths of intuition and the essence of femininity. Each intricately shaped bead captures the cosmic energy of the moonstone, guiding you on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment.

Wrap yourself in the embrace of this ethereal accessory, allowing its subtle energy to heighten your intuitive senses and illuminate your path. Whether seeking answers to life's mysteries or simply reveling in your feminine power, the Cosmo Necklace is your constant companion in embracing the wonders of the universe. Choose it as your radiant adornment, and let its cosmic connection elevate your spirit with every wear.


Size: 70cm

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