Stellar Whispers

Cosmo Angelite Necklace

€125,00 EUR

Celestial Tranquility: Angelite Cosmo Necklace

Embrace the serene allure of our Angelite Cosmo Necklace, adorned in the captivating celestial blue hue of angelite. Revered for its embodiment of profound peace and spiritual harmony, angelite transcends mere adornment to become a conduit for tranquility and heightened spiritual connection. Enveloping its wearer in a cocoon of calming energies, this gemstone acts as a shield against negativity while nurturing deep inner peace. Each facet exudes an aura of serenity, transforming it into an oasis amidst life's chaos. Adorn your neckline and soul with its presence, wearing it close to your heart to enrich your spiritual journey each day. A must-have for those seeking serenity and divine alignment.


Size: 70cm

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