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Retro '14 Labradorite - Necklace

€139,00 EUR

Retro '14 Labradorite Necklace: Embrace Wisdom & Shield Yourself Daily

Discover the allure of our Retro '14 Labradorite Necklace, your go-to accessory for unparalleled protection and deep-seated wisdom. Distinguished by its captivating shimmer, Labradorite stands as a beacon of safety and enlightenment in the world of gemstones.

Each bead of this exquisite necklace embodies the strength of protection, ensuring you're grounded in the now. Not just a beautiful adornment, this necklace serves as a powerful tool for heightening intuition and shedding light on life's mysteries.

When worn close to the heart, its influence resonates daily, deepening your connection to wisdom and insight. Choose the Retro '14 Labradorite Necklace to both elevate your style and fortify your daily journey through protection and clarity.


Clasp: Brass, 18K Gold Filled
Bead Size: 14mm

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