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Moonstone Classic Necklace

€89,00 EUR

Introducing the Moonstone Classic Necklace – a delicate yet powerful tribute to femininity and intuition. Crafted with the finest 6 mm beads, this exquisite piece is perfect for those who cherish understated elegance.

Moonstone, known for its connection to feminine energy, is especially revered for its nurturing qualities. It's a gemstone that resonates deeply with mothers and those on the journey of pregnancy, offering support and strength. Its gentle glow symbolizes intuition and inner wisdom, providing guidance and comfort.

Whether you're embracing motherhood, seeking to strengthen your intuitive powers, or simply looking for a graceful addition to your jewelry collection, the Moonstone Classic Necklace is an ideal choice. Its subtle beauty and meaningful energy make it more than just an accessory – it's a companion on your journey through life's phases


Clasp: Brass, 18K Gold Filled
Bead Size: 6mm

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