SW stories - Isabelle Vermeersch

SW stories - Isabelle Vermeersch

Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Absolutely, I'm a photographer from Antwerp. In addition to my work in photography, we operate a creative studio named TATD, which focuses on photography and content creation. Our main areas are fashion and lifestyle, but my deepest passion is in travel photography – that's where I find true happiness. I'm extremely thankful for the opportunity to have worked on some wonderful projects in the past two years, even though I've only been in this profession for three years. My job enables me to explore different parts of the world, and it never feels like work. Meeting fascinating people on my journeys is always a pleasure. Moreover, traveling with my family is an extraordinary experience; we often encounter like-minded souls, leading to enriching conversations. Another aspect I cherish in my work is our commitment to sustainability and authenticity. Maintaining authenticity in our photography is crucial for us. It's important that our images not only capture reality but also resonate authenticity. This commitment to authenticity is often what draws clients to us – they seek a specific ambiance or style that we are known for.

It's truly amazing how you've managed to turn your passion into your career. And it's remarkable how you continuously meet new people on your journey, which seems to align perfectly with your path. I always admire it when people follow their passion like that. It often appears that when you choose something that genuinely fits you, everything just flows effortlessly. Do you feel the same way?

Yes, absolutely. In our line of work, you naturally come across many incredible, creative individuals. These are people who have also experienced various parts of the world. Making these connections is always so enriching. In the past two years alone, we have had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people.

Would you describe yourself as spiritual?

Not exactly, but your question prompted me to reflect more on it. I wouldn't categorize myself as spiritual in the conventional, mystical sense. I'm very much focused on living in the present. Yet, I do ponder over universal life questions that everyone encounters. I strive to impart life's wisdom to my children, which in a way, can be seen as a form of spirituality. My aim is also to inspire others, which has a spiritual aspect to it. I teach my children the importance of non-material values, but I'm uncertain if that qualifies me as spiritual. There are elements in my life that perhaps add a touch of spirituality to it.

Have you done specific things because you chose to start your own business and follow your dream? Have you always been brave enough to do that, or did something happen that gave you the courage to take that leap?

I've always been someone who is bold and impulsive, a person who genuinely chases their dreams. I've constantly had the incredible support of my husband, who has always backed my impulsive decisions. That support is invaluable. At the start of each year, I set goals for myself, whether they're professional achievements or personal milestones I want to reach with my family. I also visualize these goals. It's crucial for me to achieve several of these goals every year, and surprisingly, I usually manage to do so. This year, for example, I had already been on some fantastic trips for both work and leisure. Once, while on the beach, a friend asked me about my remaining goals for the year. I mentioned wanting to create another significant reportage. Just a few weeks later, I was approached by a magazine with an opportunity to travel to Antarctica in two weeks. It's amazing how things unfold when you express your desires – if you truly want something and work hard enough, it becomes a reality. So now, in just two weeks, I'll be heading off on an expedition to Antarctica.

Does that mean you actively engage in manifestation, or is it a natural inclination for you? Manifestation is quite a popular topic nowadays, it's discussed everywhere. Or is it something you've always done, like visualizing and verbalizing your aspirations?

I've actually always practiced it. Back when I was younger, before having children, I had a clear vision of what I wanted for my future. I used to make mood boards, and they invariably came to fruition. So, yes, I believe that if you genuinely desire something, visualize it, and dream about it, it can indeed become a reality.

Would you say that you've always been deeply connected to your heart?Yes, I do think so. I've consistently followed my heart in all that I do. So, yes, believe that staying true to one's heart is incredibly important.

Have there been any significant life lessons for you?

Yes, last year I lost my father to cancer. His passing was quite sudden. He was a globetrotter. In his final seven years, he sold everything he owned, lived in his Volkswagen camper van, and traveled the world. He died at 63. In his last four months, he lived with us. My father was incredibly down-to-earth and practical. In his final months, he advised us not to mourn for him as he had lived a beautiful life, despite passing at only 63. This lesson has stayed with me deeply. His legacy continues through us and our children. We cherished our relationship and loved sharing in his journeys. One thing I’d impart is not to wait for 'someday.' Life’s length is uncertain. My father reminded us of this – there were things he could no longer do. He always emphasized not waiting for the future. Reflecting on this, last year we took our children to the Philippines. We traveled because life is fleeting. We don't want to postpone living until retirement. It's essential to live in the present and pursue what brings you joy. Don't delay too long.


You've chosen the Carnelian necklace. Could you explain why?

I selected this necklace for the strength and courage it symbolizes. It represents the challenges I'm set to face in the future. These upcoming months will be quite intense, so I'm certainly going to bring it along. It's wonderful!

What advice would you offer to others?

Actually, it aligns with what I just shared. Dream big, visualize your dreams, and pursue them. That's always been my approach, and I firmly believe in it. When you truly want something, it can become reality. It might not always unfold as you anticipate, but it leads you down a different path in life. We're raising our children to be global citizens, and they thoroughly enjoy it. They've grown so much since our trip last year. It's really heartening to see.