SW stories - Hanneke Peeters

SW stories - Hanneke Peeters

Can you tell us something about yourself?

Yes. I'm Hanneke, 42 years old, nearly 43. I'm a mother to Fitz and Louie. I run my own shop, 'Rock your World.' Additionally, I work as a therapist, or more precisely, as a bodyworker. My specialty lies in assisting women to gain more energy and achieve hormonal balance, which often leads to greater happiness and purpose in their lives. I accomplish this through bodywork, clearing emotions centered around the body, and utilizing Aryuveda and astrology.

I focus on three essential aspects: mind, body, and soul. My aim is to aid women in reconnecting with themselves, to establish a deeper connection with their inner selves. This results in improved energy flow and yields substantial health benefits. Oh, and I live in Haarlem with my beloved partner, Clint.


Bodywork, what do you precisely mean by that? What exactly does it entail?

By bodywork, I mean that I am trained to detect imbalances in the body. I literally examine the body. I look at aspects such as the quality of the skin, the eyes, bowel movements, and how a person sleeps. This helps me to determine if something can be balanced through diet and lifestyle. Additionally, I assist people in releasing blocked emotions that hinder the flow of energy. I do this through pressure points and touch.

Can you tell us more about that?

When we experience tension, we often store emotions in our body, which can lead to physical stagnation. This can cause issues with energy flow to organs like the liver, ovaries, or lungs. Often, this is also accompanied by restricted breathing, resulting in less oxygen and energy. It can also affect the condition of your skin. My goal is to resolve these tensions and improve overall well-being.

How did you actually learn this?

My 'awakening' began about eight years ago. Simultaneously, I started my training as an Ayurvedic therapist and a body-oriented therapist. The body-oriented therapy program lasted a year at that time. During this training, I learned various techniques, like EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), tapping, shaking, Bach flower remedies, and the use of crystals. Subjects like crystals and astrology were also part of my Ayurveda studies. Over the past eight years, I have continuously learned new things, such as Reiki. Essentially, I have added something new to my knowledge each year.

So, you are quite curious, aren't you? Are you also keen on trying and testing new things?

Absolutely. That's the most enjoyable part. For instance, last week I participated in a corporate constellation where we engaged in systemic work. And last Saturday, I attended horse coaching. This coming Thursday, I'm planning to participate in a truffle ceremony. Yes, my curiosity is vast, and I believe that curiosity is at the heart of spirituality.

That's beautifully put.

Yes, just this morning on my bike, I was reflecting: it's intriguing how some people have resistance against the concept of spirituality, while everyone can intuitively feel when someone enters a room whether they embody 'spirit' or not. And nobody finds that odd. It's strange how we've attached certain connotations to the idea of spirituality.

What have been some significant things for you, like books you've read, or trainings you've undergone, that have had the most impact on you?

Yes, different phases have had different influences. In the beginning, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) greatly helped me process a traumatic childbirth. Ayurveda played a crucial role in learning to understand, know, and accept myself. And astrology, I just find it amazing, it adds something magical and provides even more self-knowledge. But clearing emotions, that's what ultimately made me feel the most liberated, I would say.

And you did that primarily through EFT?

Yes, EFT is truly a technique where you identify and release old beliefs. You revisit your memories and truly let them go.


Where did your passion for gemstones actually come from?

Funny enough, I had absolutely no spiritual background up until about eight or nine years ago. But I was always open to things like spirits or tarot. I found it all intriguing. My interest in crystals started during my Ayurveda training, where they were discussed, and in my other studies as well. I thought, 'oh, crystals are so beautiful.' During my training as a body-oriented therapist, I learned to use crystals as a conversation starter. With a new client, you lay out various crystals on the table and ask them to pick one that speaks to them. This says a lot about the person. Their reaction and the meaning of the chosen crystal reveal much. Nine times out of ten, that crystal really resonates with the person. As soon as I explain that the crystal, for example, stands for happiness or prosperity, you see the person soften. It was a great way to start a conversation and give women something tangible that touched them. I found that amazing. And then I started learning about crystals myself. In America, they were just becoming popular about eight years ago, so I read a lot and gave workshops on what you can do with crystals.

I am really a proponent of the idea that you first choose a crystal yourself and then read about it, unless you are giving it as a gift to someone, in which case you are actually giving an intention or a wish to someone.

How have you integrated crystals into your life?

In my daily life, crystals are integrated everywhere. Normally, I always have about eighty crystals in my bag, maybe a bit fewer today. They are also found in my house, incorporated into aura sprays, jewelry, really everywhere. I also use gua sha. I am quite playful with it, so it's not like I lay out my crystals every full moon or anything like that. They are just beautiful to look at, and my children really like them too.

And of course, in my practice, I integrate crystals as well. I often lay them on people during sessions, which provides them a focus and helps bring attention to specific areas.

Yes, you mentioned something similar in your podcast on Kukuru. That it's also really something tangible. For example, when I wear a necklace, it's also a reminder of my own strength.

Yes, it's a physical reminder. Crystals work both on the basis of color, which your brain associates with certain things, and also the intention you yourself give to it.

If you could give someone a piece of advice, what would it be? Regarding crystals or just in general, from everything you've experienced and learned on your spiritual path?

Journaling. I am a big advocate for writing down questions. I'm a huge fan of it. It really helps to clarify things. My own significant shift began in Bali, where I literally wrote down the question: 'What is it with me and men?' That was a real starting point for me. When you ask questions, you get answers. It becomes crystal clear what your question is. And yes, then you start to see and understand patterns. Writing can really help to gain insight and eventually to let things go.

Why did you choose aventurine?

Well, my moon sign is Cancer, and aventurine is the stone of Cancer. This stone reminds me a lot of my youngest son. Green is the color of the heart, of love, and in my opinion, it's most important to give your heart space.

And what I often encounter, and experience myself, is that when you can create more space in your heart, and by space I mean in the broadest sense of the word, it's not just about being happy every day. Sometimes it means that your heart has room for sadness, gloom, everything really. Giving space to your heart in all its forms, that brings about such a big change.