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Moonstone Bubble Necklace

€129,00 EUR

Moonstone Bubble Necklace: Your Luminescent Link to Intuition & Femininity

Discover the magic of our Moonstone Bubble Necklace, where the ethereal glow of Moonstone meets timeless design. Renowned for its rich symbolism of intuition and femininity, Moonstone is your bridge to tapping into deep-seated emotions and gaining clarity on dreams.

Each bead captures the essence of intuitive energy, encouraging a deeper understanding of oneself and fostering feelings of contentment. Perfect for those moments when you're in search of answers or simply want to feel more connected to your feminine side.

Drape this necklace close to your heart and feel its subtle power enhancing your intuitive abilities every day. Choose the Moonstone Bubble Necklace as your daily companion in navigating dreams and intuitive insights.

Model is wearing size 42cm


Clasp: Brass, 18K Gold Filled

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