SW Stories - Julia Jamin

SW Stories - Julia Jamin

Can you tell something about yourself?

It's always a bit challenging for me to talk about myself. You often end up with something like, 'Hi, I'm Julia, and I'm a model.' But I am much more than that. I'm someone who truly enjoys nature; it's where I find my peace. After a busy day filled with travel and meeting many people in a short span, I can become quite drained. At such times, relaxing, especially in nature, really lifts my spirits. So, yes, I'm a person who loves nature. I deeply care for my family and my boyfriend, and we share a very strong bond. That's important to me. I'm quite a thinker; I often ponder a lot, sometimes even excessively, to the point of frustration. I'm also an animal lover. I find joy in organizing things at home and occasionally redecorating. Traveling to explore more of the world is something I cherish. And I have a true passion for cooking.

Do you have specific dishes that you prefer to prepare?

I consistently focus on creating healthy dishes. Having studied nutrition and dietetics, I am passionate about developing recipes that are both delicious and nutritious. I take pleasure in applying my knowledge of food to create recipes that are both flavorful and well-rounded.

Would you describe yourself as spiritual?

Yes, I firmly believe in certain forces and energies. I frequently have dreams, and they often appear to have predictive qualities. I usually remember them vividly, allowing me to contemplate their significance upon waking. Moreover, I sometimes have this sensation, which might sound peculiar, of possessing a kind of sixth sense that helps me to foresee or deeply understand things.

Could you provide an example of that?

Well, I particularly notice this with my boyfriend. At times, it's almost scary; he'll come up with an idea, and by the time I return from a few days away, he's already put it into action. I often find myself saying, 'I had a suspicion you would do that.' Situations like this occur quite often for me. For example, I once had a dream about someone, and just a few days later, I learned that the person had died. It's certainly distressing, but it also reinforces my connection to certain energies, as evidenced by the dream. Yes, I do feel a certain affinity with spirituality.

Have you engaged in specific activities or read any material related to spirituality or personal growth?

Yes, I practice meditation on a regular basis. Regarding reading books or undertaking formal education in spirituality, that's not something I usually do. But I did try reiki once when I was feeling unwell, and I found it to be quite intriguing.

So, does this come entirely from within you, and have you always experienced it?

Yes, I believe it largely originates from my mother's side. My grandfather was in the Japanese internment camps in Indonesia, where the concept of a 'silent power' is recognized, implying the presence of various energies. My family has always been receptive to this idea, and in some way, I've embraced or inherited it as well. This extends to things like gemstones, too. For instance, when my menstruation was irregular, I read that moonstone could help. So, I bought a ring with a moonstone and wore it for a long time. I'm not sure if it truly made a difference, but it certainly gave me a sense of comfort.

Do you have any other experiences with gemstones? For instance, do you keep any gemstones in your home?

Yes, I keep an amethyst next to my bed as it is my birthstone. Beyond that, I don't have any other stones. I firmly believe in not arbitrarily choosing or accepting a stone from someone, as it might carry negative energy. However, with the amethyst, being my birthstone, it feels right to me, indeed.

Have there been specific events in your life that impacted you in a way that changed how you live?

Losing loved ones has always been significant; it has made me reflect and altered my view on certain aspects of life. I have grown to appreciate the smaller things more. Also, starting a career in modeling at a young age profoundly influenced my development. It led me to incredible places, introduced me to many people, and contributed significantly to my personal growth. These experiences have shaped the person I am now. If I hadn't been discovered as a model, my life would likely be very different

Are there any pieces of advice you'd like to pass on to others?

Yes, once during a photoshoot, I think it was either a makeup artist or a stylist who, at the end of the day, told me, 'Stay true to yourself!' It was a simple remark, but it left a deep impression on me, and I still remember it vividly. Usually, at photoshoots, you get compliments like, 'Your hair is so beautiful' or 'Your eyes are stunning.' But this person commented on my character, saying, 'Stay true to yourself.' I thought it was wonderful advice. Remain authentic, don’t let others influence you unduly, and always trust your instincts.