SW Stories - Daniëlle Kempen

SW Stories - Daniëlle Kempen

Daniëlle Kempen

Danielle is a stylist, an all-around creative, and a yoga instructor. Together with her husband, they own Studio Batik, a boutique photo and film studio where stories will be told through more than just pictures


How did your spiritual journey begin?
To give you an answer we must travel back to 2014. At that moment I was 25 years young. Overwhelmed primarily by self-imposed pressures, I experienced a burn-out. It marked the beginning of my spiritual journey. At first, it was a subconscious exploration, but soon, it became a deliberate quest. It's a journey about introspection, one that I continue with renewed energy every day.

Which books, courses, or experiences have profoundly impacted you?
My spiritual grounding began with two important books: "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle and "The Untethered Soul" by Michael A Singer. This was later complemented by my exploration into Human Design, Yoga, and Meditation. Additionally, my solo journey from San Francisco to Costa Rica and the Yoga Teacher Training I underwent in 2019 deeply influenced on how I perceive life today.  In the last few years, I've been part of plant medicine ceremonies that have brought me closer to myself. I've come to see life as an expansive journey without a defined beginning or end.



What insights has spirituality brought to your life?
No human is perfect, and no one is enlightened. Yet, the essence lies in our responses to life's challenges and setbacks. Life is a series of ups and downs, but I've learned to navigate its currents with clarity, without being consumed by the turbulence.

How do you integrate your beliefs and values into your daily routines and professional life? Do you have any daily rituals?
Being in tune with my gut feeling and intuition guides my daily choices. Whether it's waking up and setting the tone for the day or navigating complex decisions and sensing the energy of those I collaborate with, I've learned to pause. By grounding myself and focusing on my breathing and feelings, I can discern the path that feels right for me.



Do you keep gemstones in your home? Have you had any unique experiences with them?
One of my first encounters with a gemstone was in 2015 in a gem store in LA. I spent hours there, marveling at all the stones and their meanings. I ended up choosing three stones, but I could only afford two and decided to leave one behind. As I was leaving the store, a man ran after me. At first, I was startled, but it turned out to be the store clerk. He handed me the third stone, saying it belonged with me. It was a tiger's eye that would accompany me on my travels. Since that moment, I always carry those three stones with me when traveling.

Why did you opt for aventurine?
Gut feeling, attraction, no doubt! 

Is there anything else you'd like to share about your spiritual journey? Any advice you might offer?
Take your time, be amazed, listen to your gut feeling, and enjoy the journey without a beginning or end.